Surgical Services

Glenwood City Veterinary Clinic offers advanced surgical services. Dr Vicki Wilke is a board-certified surgeon and as such can do complex surgeries that not all veterinarians are comfortable with. Your veterinarian may recommend consulting with our board-certified Veterinary Surgeon for a variety of orthopedic concerns such as cruciate ligament injuries, complex fracture repairs, or intervertebral disc problems (neck, back, lumbar).  In addition, our surgeon is very skilled in all areas of advanced soft tissue and oncologic surgery.  Many of the more complex procedures may involve the major organs (liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, urinary system), and/or tumor removal.  Whatever the need, Glenwood City Veterinary Clinic’s board-certified surgeon, Dr. Vicki Wilke, has the expertise to successfully handle your pet’s veterinary surgery.

In addition to surgical procedures, Glenwood City Veterinary Clinic offers exceptional post-operative pain management and rehabilitation care including cold laser therapy and veterinary approved medications.

Our veterinary surgery services and procedures include:

• Abdominal and Soft Tissue
• Gastropexy
• Liver lobectomy
• Lung lobectomy
• Biliary system surgery
• Urogenital surgery
• Reproductive surgery
• Oncologic
• Urologic
• Infections
• Congenital Conditions
• Growth and Tumor Excisions
• Thyroid, Adrenal & Salivary Gland
• Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract
• Chronic Ear Disease and Aural tumors

Orthopedic Surgery

• Cruciate Ligament Disease
• Patellar Luxation
• Hip and/or Elbow Dysplasia
• Limb Abnormalities, Repair and/or Amputation
• Fracture Repair and Reconstruction
• Mandibular and Maxillary Fractures and Tumors

Emergency Procedures

• Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV or Bloat)
• Splenic Tumor Rupture
• Foreign Body Removal and Gastric Perforations
• Uterine Infections
• Abdominal Sepsis
• C-Section
• Traumatic Wounds

Cold Laser Therapy

• Arthritis
• Acute & chronic pain
• Back injury
• Strains & sprains
• Inflammation & edema
• Wound healing
• Disc disease