Reproduction Services

Bitch:   Dog:
  Breeding management and ovulation timing     Semen collection and evaluation
  Breeding soundness examination     Semen shipment
  Estrus induction     Semen freezing
  Artificial insemination with:
  • Fresh semen
  • Liquid, chilled semen
  • Frozen semen
    Breeding soundness examination
      Infertility workups
      Management of the subfertile dog
      Prostatic evaluation and disease management
  Transcervical insemination (TCI) -     Freezing of semen from testicles in case of neuter or death. 
  Surgical insemination    
  Infertility workups      
  Pregnancy diagnosis (ultrasounds)
Pregnancy monitoring
  High risk pregnancy management      
  Whelping management - medical and surgical    
  Elective & Emergency C-sections    
  Hormonal evaluation and monitoring

Regular Pricing

Scheduled C-sections $600-$800+

Pregnancy Ultrasound $48

Pregnancy X-Ray $70

Side by Side AI $75

Surgical AI $240-$295+

Semen Freezing $295 (first 4 breedings) $50 per additional breeding

Semen Evaluations $50

Transcervical AI $195

We now offer same day progesterone